Program & Abstract Book

The complete program book, including the book of abstracts, can be downloaded as a PDF by clicking here (4 MB)

Day 1

Opening Ceremony

TimeZakho – Conference Hall
10:00-10:05Opening Ceremony
10:05-10:15Prof. Dr. Nadhim Jakhsi, President Speech (for all universities)
10:15-10:25MHE-KRG Speech
10:25-10:35Conference Chair Speech
10:35-10:45IEEE Representative Speech
10:45-11:15Modeling the Behavior of the Wireless Linear Sensor Networks
11:15-11:45Engineering Application of Bioenergy Systems, Developments & Challenges
11:45-12:00Distribution of Sheilds by Prof. Dr. Aylaa Abbas (North Technical University, President)
12:00-12:15Photo Session

Technical Sessions

TimeZakho Hall S1Zakho Hall S2Zakho Hall S3Zakho Hall S4Zakho Hall S5
13:30-14:50Session 01Session 02Session 03Session 04Session 05
15:00-15:30Coffee Break
15:30-16:50Session 06Session 07Session 08Session 09Session 10

Day 2

Technical Sessions

TimeDuhok Hall A1Duhok Hall A2Duhok Hall A3
09:00-10:20Session 01Session 02Session 03
10:30-11:00Coffee Break
11:00-12:20Session 04Session 05Session 06
14:00-15:20Session 07Session 08

Closing Ceremony

TimeDuhok – Hall N1
16:00-16:05Closing Ceremony
16:05-16:15Prof. Dr. Aree Adel (Duhok Polytechnic University, President)
16:15-16:40Distribution of Certificates
16:40-16:50Best 3 Paper Awards
16:50-17:00Best 3 Reviewers’ Awards
17:00-17:30Conference Conclusion
17:30-19:00A Trip to Zawa Mountain and Happy Park