Welcome to the 4th International Conference on Advanced Science and Engineering (4th ICOASE). The conference is technically sponsored by IEEE which is represented by the IEEE Iraq Section.

The conference is jointly organized by the University of Zakho, Duhok Polytechnic University and Northern Technical University.

The Conference is the premier forum for presenting the new results of advanced topics in science, engineering, and their applications. The aim of the conference is to bring together leading academics, scholars, and students, in order to discuss theoretical and practical issues by sharing their experiences and research results. Its focus is to create and distribute knowledge about the use of scientific and engineering applications.

Conference Video from the IEEE Iraq Section


Conference Proceedings

All accepted papers will be published in the conference proceeding (digital copy on CD) and a book of abstracts will be given to all participants on the registration day.

Publication Opportunities

The aim of the conference is to publish a set of high-quality research papers in the either IEEE Xplore digital library, AIPJLBSR, or SJUOZ after the conference. All accepted papers will be submitted to one of the aforementioned publishers for publication after rigorous reviewing. These publishers reserve the right to exclude a paper from publication after the conference in two cases:
  1. If the paper is not presented at the conference, or
  2. If the quality and findings of the paper are not well explored and convincing. This will be checked by IEEE Xplore digital library, AIPJLBSR, or SJUOZ which applies to all accepted papers. Any accepted paper that will not be presented at the conference will be withdrawn from the conference proceeding, and will not be submitted to any publisher.